Gordon's Park, Manitoulin Island - accommodations and outdoor activities


Gordon’s Park has recorded over 70 different species of birds on their birdwatching checklist, 30 of which are confirmed breeders in the park. In addition, the park has two birds, the American Woodcock and the Great Gray Owl, which are noted as Ontario Birds of Special Interest by the Province of Ontario.

There are 314 species of birds that Manitoulin Island (Pelee Island of the North) plays host to throughout the year. Stay with us and we’ll provide you with a self-guided birdwatching tour that begins and ends at Gordon’s Park that highlights many of the birding hots spots in addition to Gordon’s Park on Manitoulin Island.

Birdwatching - Young Whipporwills

Young Whipporwills photo by That Guy Jim

Birdwatching - Sharp-shined Hawk

Sharp-shined Hawk photo by Paul Beduhn

Birdwatching - Hummingbird

Hummingbird photo by Paul Beduhn