Events At Gordon’s Park

Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall, Gordon’s Park hosts a variety of fun, educational and nature-inspired events. Whether it be a weekend event, such as our Star Parties, Women’s Outdoor Weekend, or Aurora Borealis Events or evening events such as our Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howl, Astronomy Nights, Special Event Astronomy Nights or our 2 for 1 Mini Putt Special there is lots of fun to be had.  Our events are open to our overnight guests as well as day trippers. Click on the ‘Read More’ links to learn more about each event.

Astronomy Nights

Astronomy, telescope, stargazing, dark sky preserve events


Astronomy is what we are best known for. Gordon’s Park is home to a dark sky preserve, meaning there is next to no light pollution or white light. This makes for some great stargazing. See stars, planets, constellations, and galaxies you definitely cannot see in the city and the Milky Way in such detail it will be like seeing it for the first time. Our astronomy nights are full of fun and learning for the whole family. Read More…

Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howl

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Our Moonlight Hike and Wolf Howl is one of our longest standing events. We have been hosting this event for years and just love how fun it is. This is the perfect event for those who wish to learn more about the forest at night or have an interest in wolves. This is a guided hike that includes a group howl to get a response from the local wolf pack ( and we do get responses if we howl really well) and a social howling competition with prizes. Read More…

2 For 1 Mini Putt

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Gordon’s Park has an 18 hole mini putt course that weaves through a cedar grove. The course incorporates natural obstacles like rocks and trees and is perfect for adults and kids alike. In the months of July and August, two people can play for the price of one on Tuesdays. Read More…

Star Parties

Astronomy, telescope, stargazing, dark sky preserve, star party events


Gordon’s Park has been hosting star parties for over 15 years. We are home to a dark sky preserve which boasts some of the darkest skies in Ontario, with the ability to see 7.5+ magnitude stars on the best nights, horizon to horizon viewing and a Sky Quality Meter reading (Unihedron Inc.) of 21.96 magnitudes /sq.arcsec.

We believe in bringing together first-time viewers, amateurs, and veteran astronomers to explore and appreciate what the night sky has to offer. This is why we also host Astronomy Nights during our star parties that are open to the public. Read More….

Aurora Borealis Weekends

Astronomy, aurora borealis, northern lights, telescope, stargazing, dark sky preserve events


Due to unforeseen circumstances our Aurora Borealis Weekend in October has been cancelled. Those previously registered will be contacted and provided a full refund. We apologize for this inconvenience.

At Gordon’s Park we are lucky enough to be just far enough north and far enough away from big city lights that we can see the Aurora Borealis from our Dark Sky Preserve throughout the year. Great times to view are on cool crisp nights in the spring and fall and so we have created three Aurora-themed events. Come take a chance on seeing the Aurora. Read More…

Women’s Outdoor Weekend

Women's Outdoor Weekend art installation


Our Women’s Outdoor Weekend is a yearly event. We pull out all the stops for this event because we believe in giving women time to re-connect with themselves, with nature, and to take time to relax and rejuvenate. There are lots of interesting activities planned, opportunities built in to relax and chances to meet new friends. This weekend includes accommodations, all activities, optional relaxation massage, and really tasty meals. Read More…

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