Gordon's Park, Manitoulin Island - accommodations and outdoor activities


Join us for an exciting & educational “Fossil Hunt” every Sunday afternoon during July & August at Gordon’s Park. Discover a drumlin and our fossil reef. See a variety of fossils such as invertebrate corals [tabulates (colonial) and rugose (solitary)], stromatoporoids, bryozoans, and echinoderms (crinoids), molluscs (nautiloids, bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods), brachiopods, echinoderms (crinoids), and more on the ancient reef in the park. Gordon’s Park is located on a drumlin and is a featured stop in the University of Waterloo’s book “Manitoulin Rocks.”  During the hike, keep your eyes open for genuine Manitoulin Island fossils and choose your favorite to take home with you.

Prehistoric Fossil Reef

Layers of the drumlin

Overhead view of a massive colonial tabulate coral called Syringopora

Hunting for Fossils

Exploring the reef