Our goal at Gordon’s Park is to keep things fun, educational and eco-friendly.  We have a great selection of activities located at the Park that are sure to add some excitement to your day and keep the kids busy. We have mini-putt, an interpretive centre and nature hikes, solar heated swimming pool, archery, a playground, gift store and self-guided tours that start and end at Gordon’s Park. Some of these activities come included with overnight accommodations whereas others you can add to your vacation package as you please or are great for day visitors.

Mini Putt

Join us at Gordon’s Park for 2 for 1 Mini Putt on our eighteen hole miniature golf course every Tuesday.  The course weaves its way through the natural terrain of a shaded cedar grove. Players shoot around 3D animals, rocks, through tree trunks and down tunnels creating a variety of interesting and challenging putts.

July & August- 2 for 1 Mini Putt on Tuesdays


Interpretive Centre & Hiking Trails

Interpretive Centre

In our nature centre, we have wildlife displays of a variety of species, including bears, wolves, owls, fish, and plenty more. Our fossil wall showcases unique fossils collected from around the property, as well as minerals, and oddities and objects in nature. Our astronomy wall holds information on planets, the northern lights, constellations and more, as well as showing off some of the amazing astrophotography photos that have been taken in the park. The nature center perfectly compliments the hiking trails that wind through the property. Read More…



Hiking Trails

Enjoy hiking through the diverse ecosystems of Gordon’s Park in the heart of a hardwood forest. Observe and listen to the beauty of nature around the pond, up the escarpment, in the swamp, and throughout the meadows. Watch for wildlife viewing opportunities – local species include various songbirds, hawks, partridges, deer, porcupines, foxes, and wolves.

Gordon’s Park is fortunate to house a prehistoric fossil reef from 450,000,000 years ago, filled with specimens from a variety of different corals and undersea critters from that time period.  See fossils such as invertebrate corals [tabulates (colonial) and rugose (solitary)], stromatoporoids, bryozoans, and echinoderms (crinoids), molluscs (nautiloids, bivalves, gastropods, cephalopods), brachiopods, echinoderms (crinoids), and more on the ancient reef in the park. Read More…


Solar Heated Swimming Pool

Enjoy a refreshing swim in our outdoor solar heated swimming pool. The pool is fenced in for privacy and has a pool-side deck with lounge chairs for those who want to relax in the sun. Overnight guests pay a one time fee for unlimited use throughout their stay. The pool is also open to day visitors between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm each day.




Go for the bullseye with archery at Gordon’s Park on our single lane target. It is fun for the family & for all ages.  Bows & arrows are available for rent.


Our unique playground features tractor tire swings, individual horse tire swings, a tree house, slides, and trapeze rings. In addition, the park has horseshoe pits, a volleyball/badminton net & lots of green space for games.

Use of the playground is complimentary for overnight guests.

Gift Store

At Gordon’s Park we have a gift store attached to our main office. The store showcases a variety of items made by local Manitoulin artisans, such as paintings, soap, cards, photography, glassware, and more. Also in the store are Gordon’s Park branded items for sale, toys and items for children, ice, snacks, firewood and basic camping items.

Self-Guided Tours



Stay with us and we will provide you with free self-guided bike tours that feature four unique routes around Manitoulin Island. These routes will take you through country fields, over rivers, along shorelines, and through beautiful forested areas. Our bike tours range from 20km to 44km and all begin and end at Gordon’s Park. We are a proud member of Ontario By Bike


Gordon’s Park has recorded over 70 different species of birds on our birdwatching checklist, 30 of which are confirmed breeders in the park. In addition, the park has two birds, the American Woodcock and the Great Gray Owl, which are noted as Ontario Birds of Special Interest by the Province of Ontario.

There are 314 species of birds to which Manitoulin Island (Pelee Island of the North) plays host throughout the year. Stay with us and we’ll provide you with a self-guided birdwatching tour that begins and ends at Gordon’s Park and highlights many of the birding hot spots outside of Gordon’s Park on Manitoulin Island.


Interested in fishing. We can provide you with our park’s fishing brochure. Manitoulin Island is an angler’s paradise. Our map highlights different fishing spots throughout the island. We can also provide you with information on various charters available.